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Iso Hotel La Sabana Sostenibilidad


What makes us a humanely committed place

Hotel La Sabana - Exterior
Iso Hotel La Sabana

Towards a sustainable service

Sustainability is one of our intrinsic values.  For more than 8 years we have been working on the conservation of the environment, through the adoption of concrete actions, constantly in our daily operation.

Fortunately since last 2013, we have been awarded 3 Sheets (out of 5 possible) with the Sustainable Tourism Certificate (CST) issued by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT).

Thanks to the recognition of our efforts in sustainable matters, we have started a journey that we are very excited about. Sustainability has inspired us in many ways, opening up opportunities for change. Today we focus on improving and migrating our management model towards one more committed to the preservation of Nature, economic balance and social support: a Responsible management model.

These efforts have been possible thanks to our collaborators, committed and involved with our philosophy.

Colaboradores Hotel La Sabana
Iso Hotel La Sabana

Community and collaborators

Since its inception, more than 25 years ago, La Sabana Hotel, Suites and Apartments has carried out Responsible Management. Our greatest commitment is focused on our people, those collaborators who give life to our management, contributing the best of themselves day by day. We support their personal growth and education, promoting scholarships and flexible schedules to facilitate their development.

We are proud to have a Baccalaureate program designed to help all those Aparthotel collaborators who for various reasons have not finished formal secondary education.

Our Rural Community Program helps small towns overcome adversity. We recently provided the La Independencia school with supplies for its student population. We seek long-term relationships that inspire children to stay in school and achieve their dreams.

We appreciate your financial collaboration for our social programs. Please ask at the Reception or write to us Together we can make these projects come true.

Recycling Bin
Iso Hotel La Sabana

Responsible travel in Costa Rica

You can be part of Sustainability. When you travel, minimize the environmental, social and economic impact of the place you visit. Some of the actions you can start with are:

  • Select products and services that make a positive difference.


  • Use public transportation instead of taxis.

  • Lower the water temperature when using the shower.

Pick up your waste. Leave behind only footprints, not waste!


  • Participate in sustainable programs where they exist.

Shop and participate locally.


  • Provide sustainable suggestions. Let's work as a team to be greener!

Iso Hotel La Sabana

Support sustainable products from Costa Rica

This little store is part of the efforts we make daily to make our management more responsible with the environment, society and the economy.


Each one of the products offered there, meets sustainable criteria and in addition to being unique and unrepeatable, given its artisanal preparation. The products have been created by indigenous settlements, women in vulnerable situations or small artisans, who use organic materials provided by Nature itself, or waste materials that, through recycling techniques, are turned into valuable objects. With your purchase you contribute to a fair transaction (fair trade) that will allow these marginal groups to have an economic income and a positive impact in their communities.


It is absolutely true that together we can do more and better!

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