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Small actions with a big impact.

For us, sustainability and commitment to the environment are essential in every aspect of our operations. One of the most visible examples of this philosophy is the way we handle paper in our administrative processes and internal printing. Every employee is aware of the importance of reducing environmental impact and contributing to the conservation of natural resources. For this reason, we have long implemented a simple but effective practice: the use of paper on both sides. This practice extends to both the printing of documents and the use of paper in any administrative process that requires it.

This applies to internal documents that do not need to be presented in external formats. In addition, the use of e-mail and digital platforms is promoted to share information whenever possible, instead of printing unnecessarily. In terms of administrative processes, the conscious use of paper is encouraged. This implies that each sheet of paper should be used to the maximum before being discarded. When it has been used on both sides and is no longer needed, staples, if any, are removed and it is sent to a designated location for recycling.

This initiative goes beyond simply saving resources. It is a symbol of commitment to sustainability and a way to educate all employees about the importance of their individual actions in conserving the environment. In addition, monthly participation in this activity promotes shared responsibility and creates a sense of community around the cause.


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