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National Theatre Company of Costa Rica

The Company will be performing the play “Producto Farmacéutico para Imbéciles” by Mexican author Verónica Bujeiro, this play won the Concurso Puesta en Escena 2022. It tells the story of Catalino, a guard at a museum of contemporary art, who decides to take on painting, as he questions the apparent simplicity of the works often displayed at the museum. The play analyses the behavior of art critics and collectors. You can catch the show from November 24th through December 11th at the Melico Salazar Theatre. For more information, visit

After the play, stay at La Sabana Hotel, Suites & Apartments. We are very close to the Melico Salazar Theatre. Next morning, enjoy a delicious breakfast and a relaxing walk around beautiful Sabana Park.


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