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Literary Vacations: Adventures at the Heredia Library.

This January, the Heredia Public Library becomes the perfect vacation destination for your children! From January 10-31, 2024, the library opens its doors to the children's population with a range of exciting recreational and artistic activities. During this holiday period, the library is transformed into a place full of magic and learning. The little ones will be able to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of books through interactive reading activities, storytelling and creative workshops that will stimulate their imagination.

If you have a little artist at home, this is the perfect time to let their creativity run wild! Our art workshops offer children the opportunity to explore different forms of expression, from painting to creating crafts, under the guidance of specialized instructors.

These will take place from January 10 to 31, 2024. Best of all, these enriching experiences are completely free of charge. It is important that every child has the opportunity to enjoy, learn and create unforgettable memories during this period. Don't miss the opportunity to turn your children's vacation into an educational and fun-filled adventure at the Heredia Public Library! Join them in sharing this exciting literary and artistic journey!


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