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Christmas Sustainability: We create Ugly Christmas Sweaters!

The holiday season is always a special time to enjoy with the family, and this year we decided to put a unique twist on our aparthotel celebrations. Instead of looking for the typical Christmas sweaters in stores, we set out to create our own "Ugly Christmas Sweaters" from old coats. Join us on this exciting creative journey as we transformed forgotten coats into festive pieces of art!

All of us, as a team, explored the forgotten corners of our closets looking for coats we no longer wore. Next, we put the creative touch, lights, flowers, garlands and anything else that could be used to give a unique and personal touch was included.

This project not only resulted in fun and original Christmas sweaters, but also reminded us of the importance of embracing sustainability in all facets of our lives, even during the holidays. By giving new life to forgotten garments, we not only created lasting memories, but also contributed to waste reduction and promoted a more conscious approach to holiday fashion.

Let this season be a reminder that creativity and sustainability can go hand in hand to create more meaningful and eco-friendly celebrations!


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