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Brunca Memory: Visual Journey

At the heart of the National Museum of Costa Rica, the vibrant images captured by the talented photographer Jose Diaz Serrano bring to life the rich worldviews and traditions of the Boruca and Rey Curré communities. The temporary exhibition "Memoria Brunca - Cagrú Rojc- en Boruca y Rey Curré" stands as a visual bridge between the past and the present, a visual testimony of the rich cultural heritage of these indigenous peoples.

Through Díaz Serrano's lens, visitors are transported on a fascinating journey that reveals the very essence of the daily life, sacred ceremonies and unique festivities of the Boruca and Rey Curré. The photographer has managed to capture not only static moments, but also the evolving dynamics that have characterized the Juego de los Diablitos, the central celebration that has united these communities over the decades.

The exhibition, which spans two decades of history, becomes a journey through time, revealing how the Diablitos Game has evolved and left its mark on the cultural identity of these native peoples. Each snapshot tells a story, from the vibrant colors of the traditional costumes to the intensity of the expressions during the ceremonies.

January 2024 becomes the month in which these communities take center stage at the National Museum. It is a palpable reminder that collective memory is an indelible bond that unites the past, present and future of this country.


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