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"En las Ramas del Ciprés: Ballet to Start the Christmas Season"

The magic of the Christmas season unfolds on the stage of the National Theatre and we would like to invite you to an enchanting experience that will unite all generations in a magical embrace of joy and tradition! From 8 to 21 December, the National Theatre will light up with the special ballet "En las Ramas del Ciprés", a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the festive essence.From the fascination of the youngest to the admiration of adults, this ballet has been designed to captivate all ages.

The magic of the stage, the immersive music and the skill of the dancers will create memories that will linger in the hearts of every member of the family.

As we dive into this season of giving and sharing, "En las Ramas del Ciprés" is an opportunity to strengthen family bonds and enjoy a special time together. Don't miss the chance to immerse yourself in the magic of the holidays in the heart of the National Theatre!

En las Ramas del Ciprés" is not only an unforgettable cultural experience, but also an act of support for our nation's artistic talent. Every dance step, every musical note, is a manifestation of the incredible creative potential that exists in our country. By attending local events, we contribute directly to the flourishing of national arts and culture.


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