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Urban Art: A Journey through the City Center

On Saturday, November 11th, we invite you to an exciting artistic tour through downtown San José from 9 am to 11 am. This urban art tour promises to be a revealing experience, immersing us in the origins of graffiti and art, providing details about the murals to be visited, discussing the foundation of SJO, architectural elements, public space themes, and the power of art as a tool for change.

The tour will kick off by tracing the fascinating origins of graffiti and urban art. Discover how these forms of expression have evolved into a recognized artistic movement, shaping the vibrant cultural landscape of San José.

Learn about the history and mission of the SJO Foundation, which has played a fundamental role in fostering the urban art scene in San José. Explore their initiatives and how they have contributed to the cultural enrichment of the city. San José's urban landscape is a unique blend of old and modern architecture. During the tour, we will discuss the architectural highlights of the area and how they interweave with the world of urban art, creating an intriguing juxtaposition between tradition and modernity.

For more information, visit: Safari de Arte Urbano - GAM Cultural


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